Friday, 14 September 2007

Last Night's TV


The Sun - We Love It

The Sun's new ad campaign is a just indication of the collective inanity that drags the paper down. The Sun can be clever, incisive, witty even. It has fewer typos than the Guardian. Its headline-writers are the best in the business. But this ad campaign: dear oh dear. It depicts glamorous ladies in skin-tight black catsuits (cleavage abound), flying helicopters across the globe, which drag enormous nets full of black-and-white footballs, dropping them on the unsuspecting public. Builders and truckers grin wildly, and do keepy-uppies in the street.
The balls rain down, filling roads and pathways. Women cowering under newspapers dodge them like their life depends on it.

Right then; not only is it suspiciously close to Carling's "Love Football" campaign (shown during the last World Cup), it also posits women as uptight killjoys who would run through a brick wall to get away from a football. And all this during the Women's World Cup. England are doing well, playing well, and have flashes of inspiration from the boot of Kelly Smith.

The Sun is not only ignoring women's football, it is punching it in the uterus and calling it names.
If they want to look like witless, brainless morons, they have succeeded.

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Willy G. said...

Hurrah! Down with shitty "newspapers" that I wouldn't wipe my dog's arse with.