Thursday, 13 September 2007

Funny peculiar

Last night, the small-but-beautifully-formed town of Beverley played host to Comedy Buzz, a most unlikely of comedy nights. In this sleepy-looking pub on the outskirts of Hull, a roster of up-and-coming acts created an incredible show.

They included Scarlet Lights, and unlikely prospect for an open-mic night; being as they were 5 ladies doing a sketch show, celebrating "A woman's power. And by that we mean vaginal power." The wonderful, catch-him-while-he's-still-touring-and-not-on-TV Gonzo Kane forced the entire room to collapse with laughter; we'd rarely seen a comic with such broad appeal and variety of material.

Headlining was Geordie favourite Sarah Millican - the first act ever to play twice at the strictly-one-time-only Comedy Buzz - with some great gags on her family, marriage, divorce, and heartless parents.

Beverley was voted best place to live in the UK recently, surely it won't be long till Comedy Buzz is voted the best live comedy night too?

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