Friday, 8 August 2008

Missed call 08454122750

This is really starting to get on my tits.

I've had 8 missed calls in three days from 0845 4122750.

T-Mobile are responsible for these calls, and every time I pick up, the phone goes dead.

One solution, from suggests that the T-mobile broadband team are trying to get their individual sales call figures up, and this is a cheap and time-effective way to do it.

Well they may be persuading their boss that they're working hard enough for a raise, but they aint persuading me to renew my contract.

Again we see the problems that unreasonable targets produce; we've seen it with the NHS and we've seen it with the police, workers will try to scam their way around them, producing a worse, not better, service for customers in the long run.

[I do sympathise, I did telesales for about 6 hours and then quit because I couldn't hack the constant monitoring, it drove me crazy]


Anonymous said...

Its a scam not anything to do with T-mobile

Joanne said...

I used to get similar silent phone calls off HSBC. I googled the number and other people were getting the same thing and someone wrote a letter complaining to HSBC and the explanation they got back was:

"Unfortunately, there are rare circumstances when this automated dialler system will attempt to make phone calls to customers when an operator is not available. This will generate a 'silent call' which HSBC is aware of, and we are attempting to rectify this. The automated dialler will also cut off a phone call after a number of rings, which is based on the assumption that the customer is not available to take the call. I apoligise if these calls have caused you any inconvenience or distress, however this is recognised as an industry-wide problem and the HSBC automated dialler system does comply with existing OFCOM regulations."