Thursday, 3 July 2008

How To Get Rid Of YooNo Toolbar

Mozilla's latest download, Firefox version, includes a Yoono Toolbar (beta) that takes up screen space on the left-hand side, and you can't close it.

Clicking the X repeatedly, shouting at the computer and mashing the keyboard, nothing works.

To rectify this problem, go to your Mozilla browser's Tools > Add-ons > Extensions then scroll down to the Yoono icon, click on it, then click on Uninstall.

Bob's your uncle, Robert's your mother's brother, Job Done!


Reivax said...

I'm very surprised to discover that there is a Firefox release that includes Yoono.

Could you please tell me where you downloaded from ?
Also, clicking on the X should close it, I've just tried it again.

Thanks for information you could provide so that we improve !


Tom said...

Hi Xavier, thanks for your comment.

This was a standard Firefox upgrade for version (it was an automatic download, I don't know how to say that better!)

As soon as the new Firefox upgrade was installed, the Yoono Beta toolbar thing came up on the left-hand side of my screen and would not close.

What do you actually use Yoono for?

Reivax said...

Here is my theory: you installed Yoono a long time ago (or someone did, on your computer), and forgot about it, after closing the sidebar and the toolbar.
Then, when you updated to you also updated Yoono, but they were not packed together. And it opens the sidebar by default (there no longer is a toolbar).

I'm still surprised that clicking on the X button would not close it, though...

As for what you could use Yoono for, give a look here:

Thanks for your feedback !