Thursday, 5 June 2008

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

I've been up so long my face and skull are starting to hurt. I have a cricked neck and a crocked jaw.

I've got to be up in about 2 hours cos I'm going to cover Salford University's International Comedy Conference in delightful Salford, at the Old Fire Station , tomorrow (today?) 5th June and Friday 6th June. More details to follow on that one.

More interesting stuff coming up this week - the Anarchists' Book Fair. Please feel free to correct my apostrophe there. Is it the book fair of the Anarchist or of the Anarchists? Anyway, pedanticism aside, its taking place at Jabez Clegg, opposite Manchester University Students Union, on Saturday 7th June from 11am to 5pm.

There's book/magazine/pamplet-selling, all kinds of activist-y types there to either engage you or bore you to death. I will enjoy turning up at 4.55pm, asking a complex question and then watch the talkers and the thinkers trying to debate a question whilst simultaneously being herded out of the building by security.

By the way, if you want an intelligent discussion of what anarchism actually means and what it is in practice you should read this interview with Alan Moore, writer of the greatest graphic novel ever, Watchmen.