Thursday, 29 May 2008

Watch TV Online

Want to see why thousands of people are refusing to pay their TV licences (not including me, of course) to see Strictly Come Shite and BBC "News"?

Visit, a new aggregator for TV-streaming sites, packed full of wonderful TV shows like the award-winning The Wire, which Brit TV execs in their infinite wisdom decided to turn down; Battlestar Galactica, a new, intelligent, gripping, politics-heavy spin on the 70s camp classic, and many, many others.

Just visit the site, search for the name of the show, then click on the episode title of your choice, and you're away.

WARNING: Will result in lengthy sessions at the computer as you delve into thousands of hours of entertainment.

If you've saved money on boxsets through this tip, why not send me a donation, my details are on my Facebook page. Cheers!