Friday, 28 March 2008

The Great Social Media Experiment: Part 1

After many fruitless hours faffing around with this blog I'v decided to jump in feet first (can you do that with the internet?) and try to start telling people around the world about this blog. The problem being, I don't get any comments, so I never know if all this wonderful information about cars, TV, the media, pubs and the Daily "Heartless Arsehole" Mail is reaching anyone.

So, step one on the ladder is something called Technorati. I've seen it all around the Manchester Blogs I read, for example. So, what is Technorati and how do you join?

1. Log on to - choose a username and password etc.

2. Now comes the interesting part: claim your blog as your own. This is a service to denote that the blog you write is yours and yours alone. By taking this action you will also be made aware of how popular your blog is (in terms of overall rank), and how much authority
you have. Authority is simply the number of authentic blogs/websites that have linked to your in the past 6 months.

3. Weep at the results. We all like to think we're good writers, that what we write is read all over the world by silent crowds. This blog is currently the 2,461,872 most popular. I currently have just three blogs linking here; Manchizzle, Mancubist and The Asparagus.