Wednesday, 27 February 2008


So I've got over the initial shock of actually being in an earthquake situation. My heart has come out of overdrive, I've retreated from under the door frame and the kettle is on. All is well. But my first thought was "Who do I tell? What do I say? Where can I find out if anyone else felt that?" And I didn't know. Is there an online newsdesk that's open at this hour? I'm not going to call the South Manchester Reporter's Newsdesk and leave a message on the answerphone. My second thought was "Other Manchester bloggers", but not one of them have got round to blogging this yet. And it's almost 20 minutes since the earthquake hit Manchester! My final thought was "Fuck it. Google it." Because Google is the default source of information for the planet.

The pages went like this
1. Google
2. Search "Manchester earthquake" (I guessed my title would be what they'd all go for)
3. BBC News site - to get information on a 2002 Mcr earthquake and look for the authority figure/science bod they quoted to make it verifiable.
4. Science bod was Julian B. of the British Genealogical Society.
5. BGS homepage.
6. Search for (fuck, what are people who look at earthquakes called? Vulcanologists? No, that's volcanoes. Er....Seismologists!) Seismology experts.
7. Fruitless search ends after 4 minutes when I realise I don't know the difference between geology, geophysics, GIS and about 30 other categories, and so can't choose between categories.

Search ends. Come back here. Write this.