Monday, 21 January 2008

Manchester Magazines

I've been trying to get in touch with Bob Magazine recently, but mail to info@ and has been returned undelivered. Maybe they're just ignoring me, but who running a free magazine would turn down free writers?

Bob has a nice indie-looking ethos: the website is written in fairly witty/ironic style, so I immediately wanted to get involved. If I'm going to write for free, I may as well write what I want, rather than more boring bar reviews. By the way, if writing nighttime entertainment reviews are your thing, and you need some experience for your portfolio, go on to the MyVillage forums to sign up. they're very keen for new writers, and if you live in a city they'll practically bite your hand off.

Bob issue 2 was reviewed by Mancubist, and he wasn't too impressed (see here), but as I know from personal experience, turning out a free, independent magazine on time, and having enough cash to pay the printers is an overwhelming and stressful business.

I also tried getting hold of a copy - apparently issue 3 is out now - but many of the outlets I tried (Northern Quarter bars and shops) had no stock or "hadn't heard of it", so it may have been out of commission for a while. I'll continue to research this, I wouldn't want to sound the death knell if Bob is simply on hiatus.

So I'll wait, and update the status of this article as and when I find out more.