Sunday, 30 December 2007

I suppose it's confession time. Maybe no-one will read this. Maybe someone will. I'm a 25-year old immature boy with a good degree from a good university, only I'm completely lacking in ambition.

Things I hope I can change this year:

1) Cultivating an outsider's perspective -- The Cynic, The Loner, The Atheist -- and sticking to it no matter what the evidence.
2) Smoking lots of weed in place of creativity.
3) Being dismissive and defeatist about the job, career or life that I want.

It's a wishlist, yeah. I'm no Baudelaire, I'll never be a great creative writer (I don't think), but I could be a great editor.

Roll on 2008.

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Friend: Pl. do not become a pessimist, if you are an atheist. I hope you will get rid of the weed, whatever it meant. With regards.