Thursday, 26 July 2007

Brain-dead? Try this!

Are you whiling away your hours in a job you hate?

Can't wait for the weekend?

Can't be motivated to change careers, or make a move elsewhere?

Cheer yourself up with these tips on surviving office life.

Tip 1: Font Of All Knowledge

Instead of worrying about your future, why not make the days go faster? Explore the fonts on Microsoft Word! Now when you're bored off your arse, writing a 100-page marketing report for your boss, you can pretend instead you're scribbling away at your first children's novel, with the delighful font ABCPhonicsOne.

For every capital letter you type, this font gives you a little drawn character! Y is a youth with a yo-yo slouching against his capital. G is a gorilla with a banana. E has an elephant spraying water all over the shop and D is a dinosaur whose long shapely body goes through the space in the middle of the D.

It's ace!

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