Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Spotted on ITV last night: Apostrophe Catastrophe! Whilst fighting my girlfriend for the remote (she wants Sex and the City, I want Die Hard), ITV's credits denote the film part of their "Action Hero's" season.

Now I don't want to sound like a militant lunatic, but i hope someone got sacked for that mistake. It's bad enough when people text me, and the language sounds like it's written by a 7-year old girl. But when ITV can't even get their f***ing apostrophes right........violent retribution must ensue.

NB: If you can't spot the mistake, ITV meant "Heroes" as plural of Hero. "Hero's" requires a noun after it, as the apostrophe signifies the possessive, or a contraction. "Action Hero's Dirty White T-Shirt Gets Ripped And Stained With Blood In Predictably Violent Hollywood Film" could be one way of writing it right.


Eligio said...

Ah, so glad it's not just me who has major issues with this abuse of good English! It always eases the pain in my soul to know that I am not alone in these matters...

Also good to see some things never change and Lizzie's still obsessed with Sex in the City. But, correct me if I'm wrong, didn't it finish when were at Durham? I distinctly remember her getting me into it towards the end and watching the finale... Surely re-runs can't be as good as a bit of white T' action??

sloth said...

It's a season exclusively for Action Heroes. Unless you can: fly; see through walls; crush a nut with your mind - you should not be watching it.